Securely Connect the Dots of IoT Data Globally

Monetize the True Potential of Smart Cities

Token sale ends in:

SOFT CAP ($450K)
HARD CAP ($180M)
Accepted currencies: USD, ETH, BTC

Why Choose Us?

We’re Safer

Critical data is stored on blockchain with permission based access. Users all have their blockchain ID for security and privacy.

We’re More Efficient

Automated payments to business network participants based on sensor data — all without human involvement.

We're Smarter

AIoT with cognitive computing interactive with blockchain smart contracts, provide machine-to-machine communication, make IoT services much smarter.

City as a Service

While urban development can spur economic growth and opportunity, megacities also run the risk of complexity. Through the Internet of Things and sensing devices, we can digitize the services of the city and provide applications for data research, resource management, insurance, business transactions and risk control for government, industry and research institutions.


How does the robot pay to the robot? It’s definitely not using a credit card. CitiOS has built-in crypto token R2R for point-to-point micropayments, high-speed transactions and zero transactions fee.


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